Welding Panels

400A Distribtuion Center complete with six 100A Arc Tight Receptacles for Welders. Can be connected to 600V down to 208V.
400A, 600V (Or 120/208) – Fed from line power, used to feed smaller units downstream. Hard wired connections to the supply disconnects, or pin & sleeve receptacles depending on customer specs. These units are not metered. Each disconnect and the splitter are equipped with a neutral conductor.

Frame – custom steel frame provided by local enclosure manufacturer, powder coated to customer colours. ¾” painted plywood is used for a backboard.

Main disconnect (back side) – Siemens 400A fused disconnect (Nema3). Equipped with 400A/600V fuses and a neutral kit .
Supply disconnects (front) – Siemens 60A/100A/200A fused disconnect (size/QTY depends on customer specs). Nema3, equipped with HRC A4J fuses and Siemens neutral kit.

Splitter: 400A, 4W Nema3 splitter, 72″ length.

No incoming receptacle is mounted on the main disconnect (designed to be hard wired on site) Supply disconnects rated at 100A or less can be equipped with a pin & sleeve receptacles.

Electrical Rating:
Volt: 600V
Amps: 400A
Three Phase
Four Wire
Nema 3R