STANDARD SUB A 400 (C-100)

A Sub Distribution center with a primary voltage of either 480Vor 600V. Complete with a Transformer and a 400A 120/208V distribution panel board.

The panel board comes complete with 100A and 60A 4 wire 4 pole Arc Tight Receptacles.

Transformer is fed by a 200A fused disconnect. Transformer is 150KVA dual primary (480-600/120-208) feeding a 400A main breaker panel. Panel is equipped with pin and sleeve receptacles to feed smaller units downstream.


Major components:

  • Steel frame painted one color
  • 200 Amp 600V fused disconnect switch
  • Fuses are rated 200KIC
  • 150KVA transformer 600-480/208-120V CU
  • Distribution panel complete with breakers
  • Ten 100 amp receptacles
  • Two 60 amp receptacles
  • All items are weatherproof
  • Unit is CSA approved for use in Canada

Freight is extra